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Ice Bath Napa

Cold Plunge


Benefits of cold water immersion therapy include:

Recovery and Performance.

Sports medicine has utilized cold water therapy for years, to help the active recovery of your muscles.

Pain Relief.

The boost in norepiniphrine you'll get from consistant ice baths has been shown to be up to 5x. This neurotransmitter can dramatically reduce inflmamation and help with chronic pain.

Stress Relief.

Cold water therapy has been shown to be an effective supplemental treatment for stress relief by decreasing the stress hormone cortisol.

Increased Mood.

Increases your baseline dopamine. Dopamine is the molecule in our brain and body that is linked to motivation.

Immune Support.

Being immersed in cold water stimulates leukocytes, the white blood cells that help fight off sicknesses. It also causes the lymphatic system to contract, forcing fluid through the lymph nodes. This process aids in detoxing the body and strengthening your immune system.

Better Sleep.

When you begin to control your response to stress, you’ll likely find that you begin to control your relaxation and sleep.

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