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Napa's premier destination for advanced UV and sunless tanning! Our cutting-edge tanning salon offers the ultimate experience in achieving a gorgeous, sun-kissed glow! 


Revitalize Your Body and Enhance Results with our Detoxifying Wellness Programs.
Purify, Renew, and Elevate Your Wellbeing: Unlock Your Body's Potential.


Simplify your life with Biohacking Fitness workouts.
Our innovative fitness program takes the guesswork out of staying fit and healthy. Say goodbye to complicated exercise routines and hello to streamlined, effective workouts designed to optimize your performance and maximize your results.


Our exclusive private member club offers top-notch fitness equipment, rejuvenating wellness modalities, and cutting-edge tanning technologies. Whether you seek a toned physique, inner balance, or a healthy, sun-kissed glow, Club Tan is your ultimate destination. Join us today and embark on a transformative journey to a healthier, happier you!


Everything at Club Tan is cutting edge and the machines are of the highest quality.


From tanning to fitness, our knowledgeable staff members know how to empower you to succeed. Get the results you deserve from people you can trust. People who have been there.


Our Monthly Memberships make a tan lifestyle & health and wellness affordable to everyone.


Advanced equipment means you get tanner, fitter, and healthier faster. Some treatments can even be stacked and done at the same time.

Member Testimonials

  • Darren Woodworth

    ARX Fitness
    I'm 50 yrs young. once a week work out is perfect with the busy life that I choose to live. I drive from Vallejo.. 10 butt kicking exercises, 12 minutes & 34 seconds to complete all of them within a 30 minute window. That's Killing it. Or should I say Killing Me. Tap Out? Nope not today. Maybe Tap Out next time.
  • Anthony B.

    ARX Fitness

    This is the BEST workout I have gotten in my life in only 15 minutes.  After going to the gym for years and wasting hours on end, this is a godsend for freeing up time.  

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  • Tara Weatherby

    Wellness Center
    If you want to be treated like the Queen that you are go to Club Tan. The sign out front says “Virtual Vacation”. I’ll take it today & I’m doing it again tomorrow & any other time I need a virtual vacation because God knows I don’t get vacations as often as I deserve. The staff made my day. 💚
  • Jess Cherry

    Spray Tanning
    Rhonda did a fantastic job on my spray tan, it was flawless and lasted much longer than other spray tans I've received. She provided detailed instructions on how to protect the longevity of the tan, was extremely professional and kind. I would absolutely recommend Club Tan for anyone looking for a natural looking, back from the beach glow.
  • Tracy C.

    ARX Fitness

    I'm a previous POWER LIFTER and have NEVER HAD A WORK OUT LIKE THIS!!! The experience you will get can't really be described in words. You absolutely have to try it for yourself, take my word for it. I was doing one hour workouts in the gym three times a week and NEVER came close to reaching my maximum strength like I can with ARX in 15 minutes...I'm dead serious.

  • Scott Williams

    ARK Fitness
    I just finished my FREE ARX DEMO with Len yesterday! I'm already getting sore which means it's working!! Len takes the time to explain everything and make sure you're in proper position to get huge gains with MAX efficiency and low risk of injury. I've already booked my next workout... Thanks Len!!!


    Reach Your
    Goals with Us

    Len and Rhonda left their previous careers and opened Club Tan in 2005. In the process they transformed the local tanning experience to what it is today. Through advanced equipment and education, customers tan better and faster with less overall exposure for a healthy lifestyle.

    In 2016 they expanded by offering ARX and entered into the wellness space. Today’s clients can benefit from Len and Rhonda’s years of personal transformation. Teaching their clients how to improve their overall health is their passion. Removing roadblocks through advanced technology and education is the future and the future of Club Tan looks as bright as the sun.

    In 2023 the business evolved into “Best Life PMA”, a Private Membership Association for the purposes of protecting freedom of speech as it relates to healthcare choices, products, and services.
    Club Tan Napa


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