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About Club Tan lifestyle and wellness

Club Tan is a Biohacking Lab that uses the latest in Artificial Intelligence Fitness Equipment to get you better results in a fraction of the time!

We know time is valuable. We also know that as we get older, the results we want can be a harder to obtain. So Len and Rhonda put together a Biohacking Facility to get you amazing results no matter how busy your schedule, and no matter where you are starting from. From Fitness, Wellness, Recovery, and Tanning, we have you covered with the absolute best equipment available today.

What Adaptive Resistance Exercise Can Do For You

2.5x More Fat Loss

The ARX group lost 2.5x more body fat than the group that trained using weights*

2x Muscle Mass Gains

The ARX group achieved  2x greater improvements in lean muscle mass than the group that trained using weights.*

3.5x Greater Cardiovascular Fitness

The ARX group achieved 3.5x greater improvements in VO2 max compared to the group that trained using weights.*

90% Greater Strength Gains

The ARX group achieved  90% greater strength improvements compared to the group that trained using weights.*

72% More Time Efficient

The ARX group trained 72% less time and achieved greater improvements in fat loss, muscle mass, strength, and VO2max than the group that trained using weights.*



  • Phone 1-707-226-2200
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